Privacy Policy for RLRC system.

This document entails the privacy policy and agreement what users accept when using RLRC systems. This document describes how the user data is being handled and how much of it will be stored or saved or how it's being used.


Data collected by BOT slash commands

Every command usage is being saved automatically when the command is being triggered.

What will be saved:

How the data is being used:

Data collected by BOT register and / or stats command

When a user registers their platform to the bot, the bot will save that platform info and link it with the user id.

That platform information is being used when using on of the following commands:

Registration can be removed from the bot with the register remove command, where the information stored will be deleted permanently.

Same rules apply for the fake command.

Data collected by the RLRC system

The RLRC system itself will store the user platform info and MMR stats regarding what information the bot has. The system will use the information to start keeping track of the user's peaks and overall Rocket League stats.

Keep in mind that the RLRC system is not connected with the bot, the bot is just using the RLRC system, the RLRC system does not know any information regarding discord as it only keeps track of the Rocket League game profiles and statistics.

The RLRC system itself is using your Rocket League rank info to analyse players and their rankings (eg:

Other data collection

There are several other situational occasions where some data might be saved or collected:

What data is not being collected by the BOT

Messages sent in the server, even if the UserPhone command is active, none of the messages or its content is being stored or be sent outside of Discord.

Also any personal information other than user id will not be stored(eg profile image, which is just being used to build the image, but not stored).

The bot does not save any guild information regarding members or channels, voice connecting and any other things that are not required for the bot to work.

What is sure that the RLRC system is not collecting

Any personal information that might be received. The system only collects game stats, which can be asked from the system by using your ingame profile name. The RLRC system itself is not connected to the BOT and does not know what data the bot is storing.

Regarding game profiles, the RLRC system does not save any personal information or images that might be found in the ranking APIs, it only saves the information that is visible, like mmr info or profile name etc.